dEsYuMm!!! i hAd bEeN hIt!!! bY tAg!!!! aGaIn... ;p

Friday, February 27, 2009

kEsErOnOkaN si "dIe" mEngE taG amBe lAteLy..

JogEt sKaLi...

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1) Do you think you're hot? realy2 'die' y ckp..hehe..oit korg jgn ape2kn aku..huhu..

3) Why do you like that picture?
cos pic KAMI always xckop corum so ni paling ramai y berjaye di kumpol..hoho

4)When the last time you ate pizza?
huwaa!!!me luv pizza..actually dh lebih 2 bulan nih..huhu..nisa yana blanje aku meh..

5)The last song you listened too? listening love story by taylor swift..adess..jue jgn marah ek..hehe :p

6) What are you doing right now besides this?

seyesnye answer ngah waitin 4 her..sambil melalak..ewah..

7) What name would you prefer besides yours?
da best among da best is Ameer..then syameme..hoho..tersirat tu..another one is meme cos universal name ni but certain org ingat ambe shemale..lucukah?hoho..

8)Most closest person


~iSyA cOmOt~








9)Who is number one?

mY 1st lOve...iBuku hOtzzzz

10) Number three is having a relationship with?
eRk..aRm aGedon..opss..tErsYasyUl..hehe..

11)Say something about number five?

sI sTaTiK ble bWk moTo buT cOmeI jeK.. :p

12)How about number four?

jOm dAte bRo..tettt...

13) Who is number two?
nGaN yaKin.. i LOVE isYa..hohoho

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aishahZ said...

erk...semakin maju gaya pe-reply-an dcni..huhu..

ngah waiting sambil melalak lau menyanyi xpe,jangan melalak menangis..huwaaaa..kememe la kamo..werkk :p

thanx abg,wat "assignment nih"..wait 4another TAG..wakaka..padaan muke..suh k.ngah tag lagi.. amik..amik..amik..hoho..werkk :p

dgn yakinnyer.. I <3 aMeEr..hOho..

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